Adam Baxter


A refreshing contribution to Newfoundland’s music scene, Adam Baxter, released his incredible  CD, Clean Hands, in July. He has already received a nod from his peers with a nomination for this Record for MusicNL’s 2016 Folk/Roots Album of the year.   Adam’s pop/rock sound punch through with clarity in this fresh, upbeat collection of music.

Adam has three awards for Music Educator of the Year, having again won the 2016 MusicNL Award in this category.   (Bravo Adam!! They all love ya!)

There is a new project underway, which will come out in it’s entirety in the summer of 2017.  He has a special opportunity for his fans, where they can get more than the album if they sponsor him as Patrons.  check out his web page for details, and get the opportunity for advance purchases and more!

Check out the store  and iTunes to get your copy of Clean Hands. It is a fantastic album! You are going to love it!!

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