8:00 pm - Friday

September 8, 2017

Tickets: $20

students -13-18 $10

kids 12 and under free

As always, complementary coffee, tea and goodies are included in the evening.

Come for a truly international (French and Canadian) Folk Music Experience
Ex Pirata International Company came to be in the middle of winter in Brandon,

Manitoba. Carole and Liz were university students when Lucas came on an exchange from France with his University choir. They played together for countless hours and hosted dance workshops during Lucas’ stay.

The dynamic trio reunited for a tour of France in summer 2008. On that tour, they were invited to four festivals around Central France and Portugal: Avis de Stages, De Bouche a Oreille, Le Grand Bal de l’Europe, and Andanças (Portugal).

During the summer of 2010, they met again for a Pacific Northwest tour. They loaded up a ’95 Honda Accord with their instruments and suitcases, starting their tour in Victoria, British Columbia, and winding their way down the west coast to Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. The tour was filled with house concerts, dance workshops, shows at prominent venues, and finished with a warm welcome to the Princeton Traditional Music Festival

in Princeton, British Columbia.

Each musician comes with different musical background, but all with the same love and joy
of sharing folk music with each other and their audiences. The EPIC Trio is known for their creative arrangements and high energy performances. With an array of original compositions sprinkled in the mix of a wide variety of tunes from France and Canada, they keep toes tapping and hands clapping in any setting you find them in.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled open for their next set of tour dates! Seeing as these three live on different continents, it makes regular tours and gigs difficult to manage. But! When their calendars and schedules to align, great music is bound to come your way! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for their next set of tour dates. The next EPIC Tour will be taking place in September 2017 on the east coast of Canada. Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, the Ex Pirata is coming your way!

Ex Pirata is…

Lucas Thebaut is a diatonic accordion player and folk dancer coming from Poitou, France. As a performer (Duo Thebaut, Ballsy swing, Accordzeam, etc.) he’s interested in finding ways to link traditional music dynamics and gmotion to more personal and multi-influencial music. As a teacher, he’s trying to get people to a more involved way of playing and dancing by focusing on feelings and grooves. And as a young French guy, he’ll be delighted to meet you on the dance floor or at the bar and have a chat with a drink!

Liz Massi studied viola performance at Brandon University and University of Victoria. Her eclectic musical interested span everything from traditional folk to new classical music. She currently works in the tech industry, and enjoys performing in the Victoria, BC area.

Carole Bestvater is originally from Saskatchewan, but has been migrating east for years. She currently lives in St. John’s, NL. You are just as likely to find Carole in a pub playing Bluegrass, Irish, Newfoundland, or Appalachian folk music as you are to see her rocking out with a string quartet or in an orchestra. Carole enjoys living in a harbour town where she can walk by the coastline and stare at the ocean at any time. 

Ex Pirata

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