7:30 pm - Sunday

October 22, 2017

Tickets: $23, students: $12, kids 12 and under: Free
As always, Coffee, Tea and goodies provided :)
Call for reservations: 709-535-0884


We are pleased to have Orit Shimoni return to us at the Citadel House.   Formerly also known as Little Birdie, Orit is “one of the nation’s most alluring vocalists,” {The Calgary Herald} and “one of the most lyrically impactful vocalists” {Beatroute Magazine}.   Previously a teacher and academic, Israeli/Canadian Orit (pronounced O’reet) became a full-time touring solo artist after releasing two, highly acclaimed albums in Montreal.    She moved to Berlin to write and record her third album, and after that decided to live out of a suitcase so she could pursue touring and recording with her entire focus.   She has been officially ‘on the road’ for nearly eight years, no fixed address.

“I am in love with words. They can contain love and they can change people. They can shape our understanding, and they can be our weapon, or our guard. They grant us with humour, and self-reflection. Words are what give breath meaning, and they are one of the only things we have that will survive past our corporeal demise. Our words and our voices. Let us use both with sincerity, wisdom, passion, and creativity, and by that I mean love.”

She stands out as a special force with important relatable messages, and a sincere smile.

A special voice in a turbulent time, Orit Shimoni’s music is not to be missed.

With themes of love, war, social injustice, and existential longing, Orit manages to maintain a timeless, universal quality in her melodic songs, while remaining simple, honest and true.” – Melodica Festival, Berlin

“Shimoni stamps her personality all over the record and proves to be a very engaging artist.” – Americana.UK

Orit Shimoni

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