posted on December 31, 2016

Come on, it was a good year!


People all around are expressing their relief at this year’s end, and wishing for a better 2017. That kind of thinking makes us roll back over the past 12 months and do the opposite. We are thankful for this past year, and have experienced some exciting events.

In the studio, we began working with three new artists, Adam Baxter, Earle & Coffin, and Christian Howse. Adam released his wonderful new project, “Clean Hands” in July, and received some great reviews, as well as a MusicNL nomination and award in October. Earle & Coffin have yet to release their gem to the market, though the Christmas Single, “White Christmas” had a soft release to iTunes. The upcoming electric blues project is due to hit the public in February. Christian Howse recorded and released his debut EP, “Cardiac” this fall, and is happily gaining traction as people are exposed to his original music and style. Altogether, we are thrilled to be working with these musicians and eager to see what the future holds.

Administratively, Dean has had a busy year as Chair of the East Coast Music Association. A successful music conference was achieved in Sydney, NS, in April for the 2016 ECMAs, and he was appointed back on as Chair for the upcoming year, including the Conference and Awards in Saint John, NB, 2017. A lot of time, energy, and interesting conversations are a part of this job.

We were thrilled to receive two awards this year at the 2016 MusicNL Conference. Dean Stairs was recognized as Industry Professional of the Year, and The Citadel House received the honour of being Outstanding Company of the Year. What a tremendous treat that was!

As a Venue, we have enjoyed 25 concerts, plus a handful of Open Stage for the UnderAge shows. Our list of visiting artists that have performed here, and become a part of our musical family are: Sherman Downey and Matthew Byrne, Peter Katz and Steve Maloney, Ryan Cook, Tony McManus, Ben Caplan, Mayhemingways, Kat McLevey and Maria Peddle, Adam Baxter , Nick Earle & Joe Coffin, Songwriter Circle and all day workshop with Sherman Downey, Adam Baxter and Kat McLevey, the nationally touring theathrical production of The Door You Came In, Quote the Raven, Erin Costelo, David Essig, Fairgale, Ewan Dobson, Ouroboros, Kellie Loder, Kim Harris and Stevie Maloney, Laura Madonna Murray, Waterfront Fire, and at our Christmas Fundraiser: Quote the Raven, Carolann Fowler and Kyle Mooney.
This year we began to extend an opportunity to the young people of Central Newfoundland by offering an Open Stage for the UnderAge. This has been a splendid event, with so much fantastic young talent taking the the stage. The income generated at these concerts goes into a fund called Gideon’s Helping Hands, whereby we contribute money to families at the Janeway that are in need of some financial assistance. Through the Open Stage, cash donations and the Silent Auction at the Christmas concert, around $2000 has been raised this year to share in a number of ways with those in need. Thanks goes out to those of you that have been partners with us in this cause.

We look forward to taking on a new year tomorrow, anxious to see how it will unfold.

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