Happy New Year update

Happy New Year! 

Citadel House is jumping in full force to the New Year, with recording projects happening straight from Jan 2 until now. We rounded out 2018 with a few big milestones and have created some large moments even in the last few weeks! 

-In December 2018, Bonny was able to head up to Calgary to represent two Citadel House nominated groups at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. She was super fortunate, and we feel very honoured to have been able to accept the Young Performers of the Year Award on behalf of Earle and Coffin who were touring at the time. 

-Just a few weeks later we had our annual Gideon's Helping Hands Auction and concert which raised over $2000. We feel very privileged to say that we have raised over $7000 in 5 years to help families who are stuck in the Janeway over Christmas. 

-Shortly after, Rachel Cousins came out to Lewisporte for the day to record a duet for Nick Earle's project. It sounds gorgeous! They are a wonderful team. 

- Beginning on January 2, Cassidy Rich was in studio with her producer, Clare Follett, tracking her newest album, Over and Out. These two work very well together and are creating a great piece of art. 

- For the last few weeks, Rosemary Lawton has been in studio recording her first album under the Citadel House label, but her second album overall. The album is named Untamed, and is a collection of songs about empowering women in Newfoundland and Labrador. She has had a revolving door of very talented musicians into the studio, Liam, Tony, Cleary, and Nick. 

-We have signed a contract with Daughter of the Moon, a musician and songstress from Vancouver! She brings another element to the group and we love her music and personality. Stay tuned for news of her project! 

-We have two shows and an Open Stage coming up in the next few weeks. On Jan 25, we have our Open Stage for the UnderAge, on February 9, Dave Penny will be playing us a show and entertaining us, and on February 16, Waterfront Fire will be back for the second time. Get excited! These are going to be great shows.



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