Songwriting Session begins on September 28!

Hello, friends and followers of our Open Stage for the UnderAge! We have a big change coming for you that is going to commence on Sept 28! 
We are taking a different route this season for how we will working with the youth of our community. Instead of operating a monthly open stage that is proceeded by a songwriting session, we are going to be operating a song writing-intensive program, beginning on Septemeber 28, six classes, two weeks apart, and culminating in a songwriters circle in December. In this workshop, each of our participants will be challenged in new ways, encouraged to expand their knowledge of songwriting and production and explore the technical aspect of songwriting. They will learn about structuring a song, different genres, writing with a mentor, writing a non-standard structure, and writing on demand. At the end of the session, they will have six full songs completed! 

As a second level to this songwriting development, we will also be offering artist development- "Where Music and Business Meet", where we will offer six sessions about career building in the music industry. Topics include; marketing, booking, branding, building a team, studio recording, and stagecraft. The focuses of the series will be in preparation for recording and promoting a six-song EP Those who are interested in this section have to first complete the songwriting development portion. 

We are very excited about this new opportunity and very excited to work with young people in central to help them further their musical career and understanding of the music industry. 

Anyone with interest in learning more or signing up can contact us directly for more details.


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