What we do

Established in 1996, and based in Lewisporte, Newfoundland, The Citadel House is a music production company offering in-house promotion, recording, bi-monthly live concerts, and Publishing, to a roster that includes both emerging and established artists. The Citadel House maintains the personalized, artist-friendly approach of a boutique record company. With a roster that spans genres ranging from Folk to Rock and from Celtic to Blues, the Citadel House represents some of the finest emerging artists in Canada. The Citadel House brings a complete, customized, music business solution for each client. 

Dean and Stevie have been involved in the music industry for over three decades, with Dean beginning as a session player in 1981.  Since then, they have worked within the music industry in all facets including tour management, touring side musician, recording session player, merchandise manufacturing, sales, as well as live and studio engineer. 

Dean and Stevie are passionate in support of the music community.  Dean has served on the Board of Directors, for both MusicNL and the East Coast Music Association (the ECMA’s).  He is presently in his fifth year as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the ECMA’s.


Citadel House is a Factor Recognized Record Label, Recording Studio and a live music venue and in Lewisporte, NL. Citadel House concerts brings world-class talent to an intimate, all-ages venue in Central Newfoundland. Citadel House Records partners with new and established musical artists to enhance their careers through recordings, tour support, strategic career development and music dispersal as a FACTOR Comprehensive Music Company.   

CITADEL HOUSE - Where Music Comes to be Heard

Christian Howse in the studio.

Christian Howse in the studio.

Terry Penney playing to a full room. Note the balcony overhead.

Terry Penney playing to a full room. Note the balcony overhead.

Awards and Nominations that we have received or been a contributor to (not including artists' personal awards)

2009-2020: 3 Citadel House MusicNL Awards (Company of the Year) 8  ECMA, MusicNL and CGMA Nominations (Company, Venue, Compilation Album the Year ) 

2010-2016: 2 Dean Stairs  MusicNL Awards (Industry Builder, Industry Professional of the Year) 9  Nominations from the ECMA’s and MusicNL (Industry Professional, Studio Engineer, Side Musician of the Year) 


2016-2019: Earle and Coffin 3 CFMA and MusicNL Awards (Young Performer, Jazz/Blues Album of the Year) 8 MusicNL and ECMA Nominations ( Blues Recording, Group, New Artist, and Jazz/ Blues Album, Artist  and Recording of the Year) 

2019: Nick Earle 3 MusicNL Awards (Male Artist,Rock Album and Rising Star of the Year) 2 MusicNL and CFMA Nominations (Factor Album, and Young Performer of the Year) 

2019: Rosemary Lawton 1 MusicNL Award (Celtic/Traditional Artist of the Year) 

2018-2019: Christian Howse CFMA and 3 MusicNL Nominations (Young Performer of the Year, Male Artist, Rising Star, Folk/Roots artist) 

2016-2019: Adam Baxter 6 MusicNL Nominations (Male Artist, Alternative Artist, Folk/Roots Artist of the Year) 

2009-2012: Terry Penney 1 MusicNL Award (SOCAN Songwriter of the Year)  5 Nominations (SOCAN Songwriter, Album, Male Artist, Folk/Roots Artist of the Year)  

2008-2015: Dan Bursey 2 MusicNL Awards (Gospel Album of the Year)  8 CGMA, ECMA and MusicNL Nominations (Gospel, Children’s Male Artist, Jazz/Blues Album and Song of the Year)  

2006-2013: Irene Bridger 5 CGMA and MusicNL Nominations (Female Artist, Gospel and Inspirational Artist of the Year) 

2006: Ada (Piercey Jenkins), 1 ECMA Nomination (Blues Recording of the Year)



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Who are we?

Credit to Al Douglas

Credit to Al Douglas

Dean Stairs

  • Director
  • Studio 

Dean Stairs is an award-winning musician with a top tier record of Production Engineering and Musicianship. He has worked in the Music Industry for over 30 years and has established a reputation as a collaborative force through effective networks and a strong clear vision. He has been recognized within Newfoundland through the 2016 MusicNL Industry Builder Award,  the 2019 & 2018 Music NL Company of the Year, and 2018 Music NL Industry Professional of the Year. He has served on the Board of Directors for the East Coast Music Association since 2010, and has been Chair of this board for the past five years. 

Dean collaborates with musicians from all over the world to produce content that is heard in every major international market. He is a Beta Tester for both Waves Audio Inc from Israel and WaveLab from Belgium helping to produce cutting edge software for today's musician.He recently was honoured to become one of the artists for Babelson Audio from France. His work has garnered many nominations and awards for his artists as well as himself over the years. Dean is passionate about getting it right and works to a very high tolerance.