What we do

The Citadel House is an independent Record Label operating out of Lewisporte, Newfoundland, with a roster that stretches from Vancouver to St. John’s. The company gravitates towards working with artists who demonstrate exceptional promise, and uncompromising dedication to their art. 

The Citadel House is also both a unique live venue and a state of the art recording facility. It is rapidly gaining a reputation as a premier venue in Central Newfoundland for warm, intimate concerts with a fantastic sounding live room and a music-loving audience. 

Citadel House is a registered Canadian music publishing house and FACTOR registered record label, recognized under the Comprehensive Music Company sector. 

Our History

Dean and Stevie bought the old Lewisporte Salvation Army Citadel in 2001 after Dean was posted to Gander with the CAF. They chose this building  to begin a full time recording studio and home to raise their 10 children, still a work in progress. Studio life has grown to include a venue and record label, with seven artists and a music publishing division.  They are currently homeschooling two of the youngest children, lost a dear son to Cancer, and have graduated seven adventure loving adults who are out finding their own place in this world.

Terry Penney playing to a full room. Note the balcony overhead.

Terry Penney playing to a full room. Note the balcony overhead.

Who are we?

Dean Stairs

  • Director

Dean Stairs is an award-winning musician with a top tier record of Production Engineering and Musicianship. He has worked in the Music Industry for over 30 years and has established a reputation as a collaborative force through effective networks and a strong clear vision. He has been recognized within Newfoundland through the 2016 MusicNL Industry Builder Award,  the 2018 Music NL Company of the Year, and 2018 Music NL Industry Professional of the Year. He has served on the Board of Directors for the East Coast Music Association since 2010, and has been Chair of this board for the past four years. 

Dean collaborates with musicians from all over the world to produce content that is heard in every major international market. He is a Beta Tester for both Waves Audio Inc from Israel and WaveLab from Belgium helping to produce cutting edge software for today's musician. His work has garnered many nominations and awards for his artists as well as himself over the years. Dean is passionate about getting it right and works to a very high tolerance.

Stevie Stairs

  • Director

Stevie has been busy raising and home schooling their ten children for the last 30 years and is now delving more deeply into the office and hospitality tasks associated with running a venue, record label and publishing house.  Her special joy is in the artistic work of creating merchandise lines for the artists and Citadel House.

To the artists in the label, her nickname is Bay Mom.  Having a label is something like growing the family.

Bonny Stairs

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Artist Representation 

Bonny wears many hats at Citadel House, being in the position of artist representation and booking, as well as communications and marketing. She is working with artists from across Canada including, Daughter of the Moon, Christian Howse, Nick Earle, Cassidy Rich, and Rosemary Lawton. Bonny is a charismatic and determined individual whose vision and ability to find innovative solutions, aids artists in reaching their career goals. 

Bonny has been part of many Juries across Canada including the East Coast Music Awards and MusicNL, as well as volunteering with Breakout West, Indie Music Week, and ECMA festival weeks. 

In her spare time, she can be found knitting, sewing, creating things, enjoying live music, or hanging out with her two cats, Petey and Chubbs.