Upcoming Concerts

COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our lives, and the music and entertainment industry has taken a serious hit.  While music is still being created, viewed and streamed online, gathering together to enjoy the presentation "up close and personal" has ceased for the time being.   By all means, keep supporting your favourite artists and search out new ones online.  For now, that is the stage that is available, and there are fantastic and creative ways to sustain them.  Thank you for being a lover of music, we love being a part of this industry and bringing music to the world.

Citadel House concert mandate

 Citadel House has been bringing some of Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada's finest up and coming and emerging artists to the Citadel House venue in Lewisporte,NL since 2011.


In the most recent years Citadel House has started curating and promoting concerts in small intimate venues around Central Newfoundland. 


Our mission is to help build a strong community of music discoverers who know that when they come to a Citadel House promoted event, they are going to be witnessing the highest caliber of talent. These venues also often offer the chance to meet the artist, in a no-pressure environment.