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Citadel House artists win big at MusicNL awards

Citadel House is happy to announce the success of Rosemary Lawton and Nick Earle at the 2019 MusicNL awards on January 28.

Rosemary Lawton was the winner of the Celtic/Traditional Artist of the Year award

Nick Earle was awarded three…

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11 MusicNL 2019 Nominations! Wow!

We are so overwhelmed and thrilled by this news today! 
My FB feed is filled with folks congratulating each other on the success and recognition from this year's hard work, and it does the heart good to see the music…

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Tonia Evans Cianciulli releases double album and book!

A cascading series of events came together to irrevocably link Tonia with renowned 19th Century Newfoundland-born opera star Georgina Stirling (1867-1935), who performed under the stage name Marie Toulinguet and had great international success. 

“MARIE- Ron Hynes" was serendipitously discovered…

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Physical Copies of Letters!

Christian Howse has got his hands on the first few physical copies of Letters, his newest project! 

Watch for the physical release party at Broken Books on April 25, and the digital release April 26