Nadine Landry & Stephen “Sammy” Lind

The Citadel House, 104 Main Street, Lewisporte, NL

Tickets $23 Students $12, kids 12 and under free

Review: I’m a believer! Nadine and Sammy channel the old guys. What a fascinating collection of songs and tunes! And their presentation is so entertaining, done comfortably yet masterfully by this couple. They suckered me in, that’s for sure. Nadine’s piercing country voice is perfect for every style she sings here. I believe in her when she’s a 19th Century swamp girl singing cajun songs, I believe in her when she charms me with her playful classic country songs. And Sammy, it doesn’t matter which instrument he plays here, I get goosebumps with each tune. It’s going to be quite a while before this album is matched. - Bill Martin, Bubbaville, Portland, OR

Nadine Landry and Stephen “Sammy” Lind play traditional fiddle music that has been passed on for hundreds of years, classics of the south west Louisiana Cajun dance halls and songs that could have filled a 50s smoky bar jukebox. Alternating between fiddle, banjo, guitar and accordion they play true to the roots of American music with energy and respect. They are members of the Foghorn Stringband the Cajun Country Revival and have collaborated with countless musicians in the old time, cajun and bluegrass worlds.